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How To Use Pheromones To Date Women With Boyfriends

Are you looking to attract women that already have boyfriends? Well, let me tell you that this can actually be done if you play your cards right. What most women love in a relationship is the irresistible factor that a man has on her. If a man can effectively captivate a woman into submission of increased intimacy and love, then you are “in” no matter what.

How To Use Pheromones To Date Women With Boyfriends

In order to do this right, you may need a pheromone cologne to entice her closer to you. Let me explain… The chemistry between two people is very crucial in a first date or encounter with a woman.

If you want to attract women with boyfriends you need to have what the boyfriends have. Which is the “Irresistible” factor. There is nothing more captivating about a man that has a pheromone cologne on. There is something about it that actually causes women to become head over heels for men that have a scent of seduction they cannot control.

It is almost hypnotic to think about how pheromones can actually play such an effective role in the interaction between two people in love or lust. The next time you approach a woman that has a boyfriend, start a conversation with her and make sure that you have good eye contact between the both of you. Learn more at

Pheromone Scents For Attraction

In the meantime, your scent of attraction can help you to strategically draw her away from her boyfriend so that she can be more interested and fascinated to get to know you better. This has worked very well for me.

Remember, women that only have boyfriends are not married and are almost practically single if they don’t have a ring on their finger. These are the most important times to attract her away from her boyfriend so that you can experience what you have been missing all along. Pheromones have been known to increase efficiency levels of attraction, seduction, and intimacy among women to men. If you have the right chemistry between you and the girl you want to be with, then everything else will work itself out.

I actually use Pherazone or Max Attraction pheromones to heighten my levels of attraction with women. These are pheromone colognes that I use when I go out to nightclubs or any type of dating occasion that calls for my excellent scent of seduction.